Creating a better future through strategic Collaborations

We partner and collaborate with a broad range of organisations to realise interdisciplinary projects. Bringing together research, business and culture to have the greatest impact possible, we support cross-pollination of ideas and industries to ensure meaningful impact. 


We believe to have the most significant impact we must engage all disciplines.

The only way to understand a problem and find an innovative solution is to look at it through science, culture, business and the arts. The Coller Foundation fosters relationships with interdisciplinary partners, facilitating space to encourage new, more open conversations.

Interspecies Internet

Supported by the Coller Foundation, Interspecies Internet is an interdisciplinary thinktank with the goal of accelerating our understanding of interspecies communication. Bringing together researchers from a wide range of disciplines across the sciences, arts, and humanities, it facilitates collaboration and information sharing in one of the few truly interdisciplinary fields. Additionally, it seeks to promote interspecies empathy, wildlife conservation and sustainability, and shift thinking away from the current anthropocentric worldview.

Supporting Wounded Veterans

Supporting Wounded Veterans has been awarded a new grant of £100,000 from The Coller Foundation to support its appeal to bring clinical trials for MDMA-assisted therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the UK.

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