Creating a better future by improving Education

We partner with world class educational institutions to further venture management education with the aim of forging stronger connections between academic research and the business world. We also selectively fund scientific and medical research in under-funded areas and disciplines related to human and animal health, and communication.


We want to forge stronger connections between academic research and the business world.

The Jeremy Coller Foundation champions the furthering of venture and management education in partnership with Tel Aviv University.

Coller School of Management

The Coller School of Management, established in 2016 at Tel Aviv University, is one of the world’s most well-regarded business schools. Currently, the school boasts around 2,500 students, and the largest alumni network in Israel with over 25,000 graduates. The school also hosts the annual $100,000 Coller Startup Competition, for innovative early-stage entrepreneurs.

Coller Institute of Venture

Established in 2013, the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University responds to a clear challenge: the venture ecosystem is broken, and there is a need for a new approach.

Coller-Menmon Animal Law Programme

Hosted by Tel Aviv University Law School, the The Coller-Menmon Animal Rights and Welfare Program explores the intersection between Law and Animal Welfare, with a view to driving social change, and educating a new generation of Animal Rights advocates. The program includes two annual undergraduate courses on Animal Law, an annual conference, and two research grants in relevant fields. Also supported as part of this program is The Environmental Justice and Protection of Animal Rights Clinic, which provides high quality legal aid to animal rights NGOs and activists.

Coller Institute of Private Equity

Active between 2008 and 2016, The Coller Institute of Private Equity was founded in collaboration with London Business School. The main aims of the Institute were to lead advances in private equity education and research, and to act as a mediator between the spheres of business and academia. ‘Private Equity Findings’, a digest of international private equity-related research curated by the Institute, is now published directly by Coller Capital.

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