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$10 million prize for Interspecies Two-Way Communication using generative AI models announced

The Jeremy Coller Foundation and Tel Aviv University announces a call for submissions for the Coller Dolittle Challenge for Interspecies Two-Way Communication. A Grand Prize of USD$10mln will be awarded for “cracking the code” with annual prizes of USD$100,000 to support successful applicants with their research to develop scientifically rigorous models and algorithms for coherent communication with non-human organisms until interspecies communication is achieved.

White papers

Coller Pensions Institute Whitepaper: Kickstarting a Pension System Through Privatisation

In this paper, we present a solution-oriented idea to combine the building of a resilient pension system and the privatization of state assets: privatization through pension funds. Many countries face the challenge of establishing or developing retirement systems while seeking to professionalize the management of state assets. Under the right conditions, privatization through pension funds can contribute to both outcomes and should be considered by policymakers. The key difference to the traditional privatization of state assets is that this idea would keep ownership of the asset with the population and spread the profit among a country’s population in the form of future retirement income. Privatization through pension funds, therefore, constitutes a form of democratization of a nation’s wealth.

Coller Pensions Institute: Kickstarting a Pension System Through International Aid

In this paper, we present a novel idea to address issues faced by pension systems in developing and emerging economies: direct funding of pensions through international aid. In our system, aid from domestic and international donors would be used to finance matching contributions, thereby increasing the capital saved for retirement and simultaneously incentivising individuals to save. Furthermore, aid would directly arrive in a worker’s retirement savings account without passing through government budgets, allowing for strong transparency and the ability to “follow the money” by both donors and recipients. We believe that this idea addresses some of the key shortcomings of past pension policies, as well as protects pension savings from changing government priorities.

This new paper is a revision from a previous publication from the Coller Pensions Institute in November 2023.

An Ever-Green Revolution: Why Ending Factory Farming Holds The Key To Feeding Humanity

In this paper, we consider the long-term consequences of the Green Revolution, which was set in motion after World War II to address issues around resource scarcity and hunger. We accept the Green Revolution began with the best intentions and initially achieved its objectives, but we argue that its unforeseen negative impacts have been substantial. The long-term consequences have included the crucial role of enhanced crop yields in fuelling factory farming’s rise amid unhealthy higher global demand for meat and dairy products. The now-dominant factory farming sector is today directly linked to climate change, highly resistant pathogens and other existential threats facing the planet and its inhabitants.


Time Travel to a Meaningful Life: A note from our Founder

Alfred Nobel, explosives manufacturer, created the famous peace prize after reading his obituary, mistakenly published following the death of his brother. Jeremy Coller’s friend who was aware of Nobel’s story decided to write two versions of Jeremy’s own obituary. He had a lightbulb moment to focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and factory farming – switching from being a bystander to an upstander.

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